Future Directions towards Environmental Stewardship over the Unconventional Energy Lifecycle

Fullbright Specialist Dr AubreyLevine will discuss relationships between unconventional energy development and environmental stewardship from a lifecycle perspective at the Hatfield campus of the University of Pretoria on 30 July 2015. The presentation will focus on water management and groundwater protection. The importance of developing robust baseline data prior to unconventional energy development will be illustrated using a US example where intensive drilling activities and the co?location of private wells has confounded the ability to discern potential impacts due to drilling, buy ventolin pills well completion, hydraulic fracturing, water management, or well operation. Some of the challenges associated with deriving forensic baseline biogeochemical data from different types of wells will be discussed and preliminary data on chemical fingerprinting to differentiate sources of waterborne contaminants will be presented. Opportunities to leverage ongoing international unconventional energy activities towards developing best practices will be discussed and an overview of research needs related to environmental stewardship will be presented. For more information click HERE