Training Scams

The GSSA is aware that at least two training scams are currently being marketed to the earth science community.  The events are advertised as training, may appear to come from reputable professional conference organisers and are seemingly high-quality courses with reputable speakers and organizers.  Typically, the presenters are not aware that their names have been used, and the agendas and explanatory notes are ‘cut and pasted’ from previous bona fide events staged by the GSSA or other Professional Societies.  CPD points may be offered.  The venues for the advertised courses may not be well known.

Please note that all bona fide GSSA events (and GSSA partner events) will be advertised in the Monday Mailers, in the monthly newsletters and on our website (Upcoming Events – GSSA and Partner Talks – GSSA).  If you receive suspect communications from third-party organisations, please confirm with us at before registering.

Given the current economic conditions globally, scams like these are likely to increase.  Check with a colleague, check with listed presenters and inform us at the GSSA if you have been scammed – we won’t be able to do anything about getting your money back, but we can build a database of organisations potentially involved in such scams (or which are themselves being targeted by scammers).

Dr Tania Marshall

President GSSA