IGS Xplore: A new prospectivity software service

IGS Xplore: Discovering a region’s mineral potential the fast-tracked route

IGS Xplore, recently launched at Mining Indaba in February 2016, is a new and innovative computerised mineral prospectivity software service which generates early-stage, value-adding mineral prospectivity maps for regions, countries or discrete geological terranes where base level geodata exists.  Developed by International Geoscience Services (IGS) Ltd., it has been designed exclusively to provide automated mineral prospectivity analyses for de-risking early-stage mineral exploration, and subsequently improve investment confidence for decision-makers in the exploration sector.

IGS understands that in the current downturn with declining commodity prices and rising discovery costs inhibiting early-stage investment and exploration activities, mineral explorers need new ways to take even more risk out of discovery. The new IGS Xplore software service addresses such exploration challenges using powerful semantically-driven technology, which broadly speaking encodes meaning into geodata to enable a computer system to possess human-like understanding and reasoning.

In IGS’ unique knowledge-based application, IGS Xplore, prospectivity maps are produced in an automated, iterative process; designed to reconcile discrepancies in geodata representational formats, correlate multi-source data and reason upon it using geological rules in order to infer and visualise potentially prospective regions.

IGS Xplore rapidly tests the different types of geo-datasets that exist for a region or country, including geology, geochemistry, known mineral occurrences and other data sources against a set of well-established, non-statistical but empirically-based (non-probabilistic) geological rules governing up to 50 of the known mineralization models worldwide, automatically generating a series of detailed prospectivity maps for a region / country and on a commodity basis.

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