AL du Toit Lecture Series

The Alex du Toit Memorial Lecture takes the form of a biennial lecture tour by an invited speaker.  The subject of the lecture should be related to the geology or natural history of southern Africa, or on a topic that contributes to our understanding of southern African geology. Ideally, the lecture should be framed in the context of A L du Toit’s seminal text “Our Wandering Continents”. The intention of the series is to recognise world-class research in the Earth Sciences and to give the GSSA membership access to both the work and the champions through a series of lectures to be delivered at the main centres, branches and divisions of the Society and, where possible, its associated societies.


The Alex L du Toit Lecture Series

Year No. Lecturer Title of Lecture
2024 36 C Heubeck Eight boreholes and three tunnels: ICDP Project BASE probes the Moodies Group of the Barberton Greenstone Belt
2018 35 L Ashwal Wandering continents of the Indian Ocean
2016 34 C Hawksworth Geological Cycles and the Generation of the Continental Crust
2014 33 NJ Beukes Genesis and paleo-environmental significance of Pre-Cambrian sedimentary iron and manganese deposits with special reference to the history of free oxygen in the ocean and atmosphere.
2012 32 N Arndt Barberton komatiites: creation and crystallization of the world’s hottest magmas
2010 31 T McCarthy The Okavango Delta and its place in the geomorphological evolution of southern Africa
2008 30 T Naldrett From the Mantle to the Bank – the life of some Ni-sulphide Deposits
2006 29 U Reimold Revolutions in the Earth Sciences: Of Continental Drift, Impact and other Catastrophes
2004 28 P Hoffman Neo-Proterozoic Snowball Earth: Exercising the Imaginative Muscle
2002 27 B Rubidge Re-uniting lost continents – fossil reptiles from the ancient Karoo and their wanderlust.
1999 26 A Kröner The Mozambique Belt of East Africa and Madagascar: Significance of zircon and Nd model ages for Rodinia and Gondwana supercontinent formation and dispersal.
1997 25 T Partridge Of diamonds, dinosaurs and diastrophism: 150 million years of landscape evolution in southern Africa.
1995 24 KCA Burke Africa: The past 25 million years.
1993 23 DR Hunter Southern African earth sciences in Antarctica: the third decade.
1992 22 G Gaàl Global Proterozoic tectonic cycles and early Proterozoic metallogeny.
1989 21 JJ Gurney The diamondiferous roots of our wandering continents.
1987 20 HS Yoder Jr The great basalt floods.
1985 19 LO Nicolaysen On the physical basis for the extended Wilson Cycle, in which most continents coalesce and then disperse again.
1983 18 JC Crowell Ice ages on Gondwanan continents.
1981 17 CK Brain The evolution of man in Africa -was it a consequence of Cainozoic cooling?
1979 16 BJ Skinner The frequency of mineral deposits.
1977 15 ESW Simpson Evolution of the South Atlantic.
1976 14 P Cloud Major features of crustal evolution.
1972 13 DA Pretorius The crustal architecture of Southern Africa.
1971 12 SK Runcorn Our wandering continents –the key to modern geoscience.
1969 11 EP Plumstead Three thousand million years of plant life in Africa.
1967 10 WR Judd Geotechnical communication problems.
1965 9 LC King Geological relationships between South Africa and Antarctica.
1963 8 CE Wegmann Tectonic patterns at different levels.
1961 7 HM Martin The hypothesis of continental drift in the light of recent advances of geological knowledge in Brazil and in South West Africa.
1959 6 P H Keunen Sand -its origin, transportation, abrasion and accumulation.
1957 5 HBS Cooke Observations relating to Quaternary environments in East and Southern Africa.
1955 4 F Dixey Some aspects of the geomorphology of Central and Southern Africa.
1953 3 EH Haughton Gondwanaland and the distribution of early reptiles.
1951 2 HH Read Metamorphism and granitisation.
1949 1 TW Gevers The life and work of A L du Toit.