Bushveld Lamprophyric Dyke Workshop, Wednesday 19th Oct 2016

The School of Geosciences (room G101), University of the Witwatersrand invites any interested individuals to attend and/or present their experiences dealing with ‘lamprophyric’ dykes in a mining environment. This is a casual and open access workshop. We welcome discussion and talks on mine health and safety, and mitigation and remediation around gas outbursts and falls of ground. The workshop will have a flexible timetable to maximize networking and discussion buy generic ventolin inhaler time. Depending on interest, we may also display a range of ‘lamprophyric’ samples to aid recognition and reporting. The invitation is open to all within industry from any background – geologists, engineers and ventilation personnel alike. We hope that the workshop will be attended by personnel from a range of Bushveld-based mining companies, diamond mining companies, consultants and academics.

Please RSVP: hannah.hughes@wits.ac.za (by Wednesday 5th Oct)

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