3rd Conference on Imaging with Radiation (Imgrad2017) September 14-15th, 2017 University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

The Evolutionary Studies Institute of the University of the Witwatersrand is proud to host the 3rd annual Imaging with Radiation Conference (Imgrad2017). The conference aims to bring together researchers working with imaging techniques such as CT scanning and neutron imaging in the various fields to discuss their work and share ideas.

Abstracts are invited from the following fields:
Palaeosciences Biological Sciences Materials Sciences
Geosciences Health Sciences Engineering
Maximum length of abstract ventolin price uk must be 250 words. Do not include tables, figs, equations, formulae and references in the abstract.
Abstracts for oral and poster presentations can be emailed to: mailto:Imgrad2017.esi@wits.ac.za
Registration and information can be found on the following site: http://ancient-earth.co.za/upcoming-events/
Abstracts Registration Submission opens: 06 February 2017 Submission deadline: 01 June 2017

Notification of Acceptance: 15 June 2017
Registration opens: 15 June 2017 Registration deadline: 31 July 2017

Conference: 14-15 September