Introduction to THE SAMREC AND SAMVAL CODES, 2017 02 11

Dr Steven Rupprecht of the University of Johannesburg will present a 3-hour lecture as an introduction to theSAMREC andSAMVAL Codes on Saturday,11 February 2017, from 09:00 to 12:00 at a venue in Johannesburgto be announced .The object of the Lecture is to supply the participants with the basics of the SAMREC and SAMVAL Codes. The purpose of the 3-hourlecture is to supply young professionals with the opportunity to broaden their mining knowledge of general mining issues.

The lecture intends to provide the professional with a better understanding and appreciation of the South African reporting codes.Sufficient detail will also enable the mining engineer to benefit from this lecture as real issue are raised during the course of the 3 hourlecture. The lecture will be broken into four (4) – 30 minute sessions structured to comprise of a basic introduction of the Codes and keydefinitions and principles. The second and third session will introduce the SAMREC and SAMVAL Codes and their application in PublicReporting. The final session will provide a number of case studies thereby enabling participants to fully benefit from the sessions.

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