Call for Disaster Management Papers (IGC)

The 36th session of the prestigious International Geological Congress (IGC) is going to be held in New Delhi, India between 2-8 March 20120. IGC being the most awaited geoscientific event, hosted at a gap of four years, is the ideal platform for showcasing the initiatives you have been undertaking as individual scientists, project managers, global Disaster Management professionals.

Though disaster-related studies including management of disasters have been a collective global exercise aided by policies ranging from village level disaster management plans to global commitments by the nations, there is a need to review the prevailing policies periodically. Geosciences, encompassing various branches of studies related to the Earth, holds the answers to the disasters. Considering this, the major geoscientific conferences need to discuss the disaster policies to understand the current mechanism and advocate the ways in which the present DM policies can be made more objective. The IGC, with maximum participation of geoscientists, is poised as a suitable platform for discussing DM policies and evolve new ideas towards enhancing the risk resilience of the communities.

Over the years, one of the professional groups the IGCs have missed is the DM professionals associated with the development and implementation of DM policies at all levels. The symposium 31.10 of 36th IGC, titled ‘Global Disaster Risk Reduction Policies: Status, Scope and Future Perspectives’ is an opportunity for everyone involved in the related field. This symposium is a trendsetter, will bring the global DM institutions into IGC fold broadening their scope of work.   

All are invited to submit your abstracts in the 36th IGC to be held from 2-8 March 2020. The last date of submission of abstracts without abstract submission fee is 15 September 2019.  For details visit the link: