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A message from Professor Daniel Franks of the Sustainable Minerals Institute (The University of Queensland)

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to bring to your attention the recent publication of a special section on ‘Development Minerals’ in the journal Extractive Industries and Society.

The special issue interrogates the relationship between minerals, development, livelihoods and poverty reduction with papers covering issues of industrialization, urbanization and agriculture and the role of minerals in the structural transformation of developing countries.

The full text of each of the papers can be downloaded for free using the links below (free access expires on August 4). The collection of papers originated from a symposium, “Back to Base: Reframing the role of industrial minerals and construction materials in Africa’s resource development strategy” held at the African Union Commission, Addis Ababa, 17–20 October, 2016. The symposium was supported by the ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme (an initiative of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, financed by the European Union and the United Nations Development Programme and implemented by UNDP), the African Mining Legislation Atlas (an initiative of the World Bank’s Legal Vice Presidency in partnership with the African Legal Support Facility and the African Union Commission) and the African Union Commission.

Those interested in the Development Minerals agenda may also be interested in a job opportunity posted by UNDP for the role of Programme Specialist (P3) within the ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme. The due date for applications is the 24th of June and further details can be found here.

​If you are on twitter join the conversation about the special issue here.

SPECIAL SECTION: ‘Development Minerals’, Edited by Daniel Franks

Reclaiming the neglected minerals of development
Daniel M. Franks
Introduces the Development Minerals agenda and argues for a rethink in the role of minerals in global development, asking whether the development community has been overlooking key commodities, issues, actors and development pathways.
Free Download

Reframing matter: Towards a material-discursive framework for Africa’s minerals
Charles Akong
Proposes a framework of minerals that is consistent with the Africa Mining Vision
Free Download

Uncovering the high value of neglected minerals: ‘Development Minerals’ as inputs for industrial development in North Africa
Amir Lebdioui
Argues that the type of linkages that are likely to maximize the impact of Development Minerals are forward production linkages.
Free Download

Enabling food security through use of local rocks and minerals
David A.C. Manning, Suzi Huff Theodoro
Reviews the use of locally-obtained crushed rocks to supply a range of major and trace nutrients for agriculture
Free Download

Policy convergence on development minerals in Africa: A study of Ghana’s regulatory frameworks
Charles Afeku, Akua Asamoah Debrah
Explores regional policies and interventions aimed at promoting the Development Minerals sector to determine whether there has been convergence in the approaches across Africa
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Geotechnical assessment of sand for civil engineering in western Cameroon
Samuel Tetsopgang, B. Bertrand Bongsiysi, L. Shula Dinayen, T.F. Divine Nkenglefac
Assesses the suitability of sand used for civil engineering works in Western Cameroon
Free Download

Voices of artisanal and small-scale mining, visions of the future: Report from the International Conference on Artisanal and Small-scale Mining and Quarrying
Daniel M. Franks, Caroline Ngonze, Lacina Pakoun, Degol Hailu
Includes full text of the ‘Mosi-Oa-Tunya’ conference declaration.
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