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Notice for Members (JSE Panel of Readers)

JSE Panel of Readers

The JSE maintains Reader’s Panels, which review all Competent Persons’ Reports and Mineral Asset Valuation Reports submitted to the JSE Limited. Such reports are reviewed for compliance with the JSE Listing Requirements that incorporate the relevant SAMCODES and any other code recognised by the JSE for secondary listings if required. Members of the Reader’s Panels are appointed by the JSE based on submissions through the SSC. They may be recognised experts in specific or multi-commodities and deposits common to the Southern African mining environment..

If you would like to be considered for a position on the JSE Readers Panel, please send your (comprehensive) Resume to by November 5th 2023. 

To learn more about the JSE Monitoring of Reporting Standards, please look at

The current Mandate for the Readers Panel (as well as the JSE Section 12 Listing Rules) can be downloaded from this web page, which details the requirements for Readers and the expectations of the position.

  • Applicants should be a member, in good standing, of a professional or statutory institution recognised by the SSC.
  • Qualify as a Competent Person (“CP) or Competent Valuator (CV) as
    contemplated within the SAMREC AND SAMVAL Codes (the SAMCODES)
    Have detailed knowledge of the SAMCODES including ESG.
  • Preference is given to individuals with 20 or more years of relevant mining industry experience and who have a proven track record of compiling acceptable reports on the technical aspects of a project or mine prepared by a Competent Person or documents that report the results of the valuation of mineral assets.
  • Applicants are expected to be resident in the Republic of South Africa.